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'The home of amateur winemaking in Vancouver'

Thursday, December 12, 2019 @ 7:00pm
Roma Hall
940 Ewen Ave, New Westminster

This event is open to all present VAWA members and one guest only. Cost is $10 per person. If you wish to be added to the list or to change the details below, please email webmaster@vawa.net. In your email, please indicate if you will be bringing a guest and which food item you intend to bring.

There will be an optional Bottle Exchange. For those wishing to participate, please wrap up one of your best wines and ensure that your bottle is labelled with (at least) the name of the winemaker and the type of wine.

We need more appetizers than desserts, so are requesting a total of only five desserts.
So if you are a dedicated dessert maker, please sign up early!

Last updated:  Dec 12, 2019 at 7am
Name  Guest?
Larry McIntyre Deb X  
Tom Robinson Gill X  
Robbie Davino Julie X  
Mike Grindler Voni X  
Eric Urquhart Jennifer   X
John Read Elena X  
David Wong Gaylea X  
Joe Zucchiatti Brenda X  
Steve Blaschek Ronnie X  
Huntly Gordon Grace   X
Pepe Kubon Jenn   X
Ron Toffolo Judy   X
Anish Vijayan - X  
Sony Kurian - X  
Clem Joyce Germaine X  
Paul Arcand Diane X  
Riccardo Pellizzari Julie   X
Cheryl Gravkin Laura X  
Mike Erhardt Sandy X  
John McMaster -   X
Stephane de Raucourt Joan X  
Dave Ewen Sandy X  
Total: 41
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