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Vancouver Amateur Winemaking Association

Vancouver Amateur Winemakers Association is a club of wine lovers and home winemakers who strive to create wines they can be proud of. The purpose of our club is to bring together in a friendly atmosphere people interested in the art of amateur winemaking to engage in related discussions, lectures, demonstrations and social events.


After a long COVID-19 hiatus, we have restarted our regular monthly meetings under a more flexible schedule. They are currently being hosted by Clem Joyce in Richmond, and meeting dates are being announced via email.

Monthly Meetings

The next meeting will be held on Thursday March 16, starting at 8 PM. Cheryl Gravkin will present her techniques on making white wine with longer skin contact than most might use. Please inform Clem by Tuesday March 14 if you are planning to attend.

Content Updates

Recently added articles, all written by Clem Joyce:

A new, comprehensive book on home winemaking, with up-to-date information on materials and modern techniques, was released in summer 2021.

The 2022 edition of the Scott Labs Fermentation Handbook is now available.

Event Attendance COVID-19 Policy

To keep everyone safe, our current policy for all groups events is that all attendees are expected to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, free of all potential symptoms, and having administered a COVID-19 Rapid Test on themselves with a negative result before arriving.

VAWA Competition

The 2022 VAWA competition has been cancelled because of continuing concerns about COVID-19 infections. The 2023 competition is currently under discussion by the executive.

Other Competitions

Our members are encouraged to continue entering wines into BC competitions, for feedback and to support other winemaking clubs.

About Us

We are a member driven organization which organizes the following events:

Details of the formal organization of the club can be found in the VAWA Constitution.

New members are always welcome and accepted regardless of their level of winemaking experience. The VAWA annual membership fee is $35 for individuals or $50 for couples. In addition, for new members, there is a one-time charge of $10 for creating your name badge. Please print out the Membership Application , fill it in and bring it to a regular meeting together with your cheque/cash for the appropriate amount. For other arrangements, contact the club Treasurer.

Monthly Meetings

Our Association usually holds meetings at 8 pm on the second Thursday of each month. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, the schedule has become more flexible. The meetings are currently being hosted by Clem Joyce in Richmond, and meeting dates are being announced via email. No meetings are held in the months of July and August.

The typical meeting agenda is outlined below. Details of the Feature Presentation and Mini Competition are available from the monthly email newsletter , typically issued in the week preceeding the meeting.

Anyone interested in finding out more about us is welcome to attend a meeting as a guest. There is a door fee of approximately $10 for members and $15 for guests related to the cost of the evening's program.

Current Executive


Do you have additional questions about our club and its activities? Want to confirm a scheduled meeting? Please email us at